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The perennial search for new horizons and untapped perspectives are the motivating forces behind the music of saxophonist and composer Yuval Cohen. A Leading figure of Israeli Jazz, he probes and dissects a multitude of worlds, the links and boundaries between them.


The 10 part KadishZuger Suite, his latest work of chamber jazz sextet, synthesizes western Romantic music, traditional Jazz and the Israeli music that Cohen grew up with. With its strong melodies, varied layers and textures, the piece culminates in a rich and complex musical experience with a uniquely contemporary feel

Yuval Cohen - Soprano Saxophone

Maya Belzitsman - Cello 

Yonatan Voltzok - Trombone

Katia Toobool - Piano

Guy Levi - Bass

Yonatan Rosen – Drums

All Compositions By : Yuval Cohen

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